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Source of inspiration - Drew Sarich.

THUS wendy first laid eyes on the dark figure who haunted her stories. she saw the piercing eyes and was not afraid, but entranced.

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Felicity Smoak, “The Odyssey”

1x14 - “The Odyssey”

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I made some crazy stuff with Jan and Kevin



What episode is that screenshot of amy in the garden from?

'The Girl Who Waited'

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Mathias Edenborn - Tanzsaal

in which krolock rocks a mean guitar hero stance and kisses sarah, and herbert is done

Oh my God!!111 I watched this video four years ago and I always remember that THERE IS KROLOCK KISSING SARAH, but I couldn’t find it again and„, here’s it, 


I forever wonder if there is a Tanz der Vampire pro-shot with Drew Sarich. I only know there is one full recording in parts on youtube. But are there like good quality recordings. I honestly need one!

I know there is five or something like that (at least I think I have five) full bootlegs, but there is no pro shot with him… I mean there is, but we will never see it, cause FUCK YOU STAGE ENTERTAINMENT sorry 


i’m back and i want to talk about sarich’s ugly nina. desperately.

I wanna speak about Ugly Nina with Drew **

I think, I… oh shit

I think, I… oh shit

Ich las ihr Buch „Die Fledermaus“,

genial! Ich war gefangen.