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Uwe and Jana played Maxim and Ich in Rebecca in Vienna… so it’s weird to see them like this


bcs it’s like Ich dyed her hair black and Maxim just got a bit older and grumpier.

The worst part is that I just watched an epi of How I met your mother about guys liking to use “who is your daddy” thing.

especially when you realize that Jana played Ich

One Drew moooore
Another day, another #Drewlock sketch
Anna Ashitkova is me THERE IS MY NAME UNDER DREW’S

Anna Ashitkova is me THERE IS MY NAME UNDER DREW’S

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THUS wendy first laid eyes on the dark figure who haunted her stories. she saw the piercing eyes and was not afraid, but entranced.

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Felicity Smoak, “The Odyssey”

1x14 - “The Odyssey”

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I made some crazy stuff with Jan and Kevin



What episode is that screenshot of amy in the garden from?

'The Girl Who Waited'

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Mathias Edenborn - Tanzsaal

in which krolock rocks a mean guitar hero stance and kisses sarah, and herbert is done

Oh my God!!111 I watched this video four years ago and I always remember that THERE IS KROLOCK KISSING SARAH, but I couldn’t find it again and„, here’s it,